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Czech International Amateur Championships in 2024

Czech International Amateur Championships in 2024

Tomáš Přikryl, Pátek 12. ledna 2024

Czech International Amateur Championships (CIAC) keep to present a natural pinnacle of each tournament season. The CGF Championship Committee has decided about the dates and venues of five major international events in 2024. Let´s make familiar with all of them.

Generally, a few major improvements will be introduced in Czech amateur golf as such in 2024. Luboš Klikar, CGF technical director, gives some details relating to CIAC: 

“The Czech International Junior Amateur Championship will - for the first time in its history - invite only boys and girls up to 18. This is kind of standard in many developed countries, e.g., German Boys & Girls Open are the strongest European events for this age category of young players. The official title of the championship will change to the Czech International Boys & Girls Amateur Championship. Juniors and Lady Juniors - aged from 19 to 21 - will go on to compete internationally in the Czech International MID-Amateur Championship. The last two major amateur events in 2024 will be staged in Karlovy Vary which is celebrating the 120th birthday of its golf club, the oldest golf club in the Czech Republic.”

The overview of five CIACs in 2024:

“We believe that this year´s Czech international championships will definitely attract some top players from abroad, at least from our neighbours. These players should again "add more spice" to the strong fields competing for prestigious titles,” concludes Luboš Klikar.

Photo by: Zdeněk Sluka

Datum: Pátek 12. ledna 2024
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