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About us

About us

The former Czechoslovak Golf Association was founded in 1931 and became one of the founding members of the Luxemburg-based European Golf Association (EGA) in 1937. Its membership was suspended during the Second World War and renewed in 1968. Since the year 1969, the Czechoslovak Golf Association has been a due member of the World Amateur Golf Council (WAGC), presently known as the International Golf Federation (IGF). After the division of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic in 1993 in two individual states, the Czechoslovak Golf Association split into what is now the Czech Golf Federation (CGF) and the Slovak Golf Union.

The CGF unites golf clubs, the Czech Senior Golf Association, the Professional Player and Coach Association of the Czech Republic, the Czech Greenkeepers’ Association and the Czech Association of Handicapped Golfers.

The CGF takes the legal form of an association (spolek) and is bound by its statutes as well as the resolutions of its bodies. Among other things, the CGF facilitates the organisation of competitions, holds top nation-wide tournaments, helps manage the Czech national golf team, protects the interests of its members in relation to third parties, implements technical and organisational measures for the furthering of golf play in the Czech Republic, helps golf expand on the national territory and performs a disciplinary function.

The CGF represents Czech golf vis-à-vis national and international sports bodies and institutions:



ČGF je členem EGA
The CGF is a member of the EGA
ČGF je členem IGF
The CGF is a member of the IGF
ČGF je jedním ze 152 partnerů R&A
The CGF is one of the 152 R&A partners
ČGF je členem ČOV
The CGF is a member of the Czech Olympic Committee
ČGF je členem ČUS
The CGF is a member of the Czech Sports Union
ČGF je členem EDGA

 The CGF is a member of EDGA