Czech Golf Federation

National Team

National Team

Staffan Johansson (Sweden)
– Main CGF coach since 1 January 2018
– Johansson became CGF Training Programme consultant on 1 August 2017
– Ten years’ experience as assistant to the Swedish national team (1991 – 1999), main coach to the Icelandic national team between 2000 and 2008 and the Finnish national team between 2009 and 2016
– Former personal coach of European Tour winners Anders Forsbrand and Oskar Henningsson. It was Henningsson who won his first European Tour title at Moravia Silesia Open in the Czech Republic
– Helped the Finnish national team seize ten international championship medals and several victories in the Nordic League as well as the Challenge Tour during the course of his last engagement with said national team

Eight coaches are active in the regions
Ladislav Trubač, Jan Mergl (West A), Petr Němeček, Marek Nový (West B), Jaroslav Krejcar, Ondřej Špůr (East A), Petr Moučka, Václav Raška (East B)

The CGF has four conditioning coaches
The main CGF conditioning coach is Milan Mojžíš, who is further helped by conditioning coaches Svatopluk Býma, Roman Čech and Jaroslav Pallas.



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