Czech Golf Federation

National Team

Training Programme


  • Czech Golf Team (TOP team of best AMs and PROs)      
  • National men’s and boys' team
  • National ladies' and girls' team     


  • NTS players are being selected according to criteria (WAGR, Czech ranking, youth ranking) but CGF Sport Committee has the right to add as many wild cards as needed
  • NTS players have the "contract" with CGF which sets the requirements and conditions of mutual cooperation.
  • NTS players also have to pass the medical examinations as well as the physical tests showing their physical abilities.
  • Approx. 40 players are admitted into the NTS each year, including players studying at US universities and best professionals.
  • The age limit is 15 years and above (younger players can only join the NTS in exceptional circumstances).
  • NTS players have their own training program, most of the camps take place in the winter period. A mandatory part of training is, among other things, a fitness camp.
  • There are usually 2-3 winter camps abroad and some short weekend camps during the season
  • NTS players have additional support from many external specialists



  • RTS West A
  • RTS West B
  • RTS East A
  • RTS East B


  • There are 4 Regional Training Centres in the Czech Republic located in different parts of the country
  • 8 regional golf coaches are working for the CGF + local fitness coaches
  • The RTS age limit is 13 – 16 years
  • The part of the RTS players are being selected according to criteria (Czech Youth ranking), the other part receives CGF Sport Committee wild card. Those players are suggested by RTS coaches
  • RTS players have their own program, Most of the camps are two days weekend camps but there is also one abroad winter camp for the older players. A mandatory part of training is, among other things, a fitness camp.
  • The main goal of this part of the pyramid is to help to bring up young talented golfers and pass on to them perfect basics and positive sport habits to be able to move forward to the national team soon.



  • The CGF organizes approx. 15 international competition trips every year, predominantly European and world championships.
  • Other international events are supported by CGF coaches or by CGF Success Program
  • Success Program financially supports players' participation in international tournaments.
  • The latter is awarded according to the results achieved and the performance at selected tournaments.
  • National team players don't need to be necessarily members of CGF Training squads, they are just nominated using the selection criteria for the event


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